“Deutser has convinced me that CLARITY is the new necessity. It fundamentally alters the traditional business hierarchy and intertwines strategy, culture and communications in ways leaders have never before experienced. This powerful book gives you full access to operating in clarity.”


Tim SandersNew York Times bestselling author of Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends

Leading Clarity shatters the notion that “outside the box” thinking drives innovation, creativity and results. In this groundbreaking, highly practical book, Deutser elegantly delivers a replicable methodology, boldly driven by positivity.”


Shawn Achor, New York Times bestselling author and speaker

“Bravo for Leading Clarity! I suspect I’m not the only one who stood up more than once and exclaimed – earning clarity should be so simple, but why’s it so elusive? Enter Brad Deutser {stage left} with the answers, guidance, strategies and the quantitative results that prove out his theory in full.”


Rob FranekEditor in Chief, The Princeton Review

Leading Clarity offers a bold proposal that changes the trajectory of your business and leadership.

Today’s business environment is more complex than at any time in history with greater ambiguity, chaos and uncertainty. Too often, individuals and organizations become bogged down with competing priorities and the constant press of daily demands. This tangled mass of noise effectively handicaps every facet of business. This book provides a proven, time-tested strategy that has brought dynamic results to hundreds of organizations of all scope and size. Informed by in-depth research conducted by the Deutser team, made up of business strategists, social scientists, organizational psychologists, innovation specialists and designers, the framework and methodologies presented will align focus and drive organizational performance.

Leading Clarity takes you beyond understanding the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and teams, and guides you through a dynamic process that unveils what is most critical and most enduring about your business. Clarity is the key measure of unprecedented success and a vital factor in productivity, engagement, and performance.

Now, Deutser is sharing the secrets of his proven blueprint for creating clarity. With these powerful principles and stories of how to put them to work, you too can leverage the exponential impact of clarity. Learn how clarity can help you:

Lead teams and individuals with clear direction and purpose

Value inside the box thinking and innovation

Identify the impact drivers that keeps your employees happier, more engaged and performing at their peak

Infuse positivity into your organization’s DNA as a profitability catalyst

Clarity is the dynamic force that aligns and connects the most critical business principles. Leading Clarity moves you beyond any preconceived limitations and sets new direction, expectation and pathways for success.

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Invite to a live digital event; Brad Deuster will present his Leading Clarity presentation on impact drivers.

Invite to a live digital event; Brad Deuster will present his Leading Clarity presentation on impact drivers.

Download of 8 Morning Clarity Exercises—to bring clarity, purpose and focus to start your day.

Download of 8 Morning Clarity Exercises—to bring clarity, purpose and focus to start your day.

Access to the Huemanize Mind Maps; a color coding system of thought exercises designed to cultivate a desired mindset.

Access to the Huemanize Mind Maps; a color coding system of thought exercises designed to cultivate a desired mindset.



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Wait for your copy of Leading Clarity to arrive!

Advance Praise

“CLARITY Saves Lives! Deutser has been integral to the pursuit of CLARITY at PHI Air Medical since 2007. We have applied every one of the CLARITY principles in our business and the results have been transformative: Rescuer safety and well-being has never been better, our aviation, medical, and business practices are industry leading, our strategic plans and business targets are consistently met or exceeded.”

David Motzkin

President, PHI Air Medical

“Deutser was instrumental in helping me bring clarity to the correlation between strategy, culture, communication, and finance.  In business today, many C-level executives are focused on finance first. Brad Deutser’s process broke down concepts to help us reimagine a future that before seemed unattainable.”

John Grigson

Chief Financial Officer, Covenant Health

“As CEO of a large industrial services company that recently doubled in size through acquisition, I daily contend with the pressure to meet safety and financial expectations.  Brad Deutser’s Leading Clarity principles have helped me see past the spreadsheets and daily operational briefings and into the hearts and minds of my valued team members—recognizing that my obligation is first to them.”

Brad Clark

CEO, HydroChemPSC

“This book is a must-read for every leader looking to decode the complexities of what Deutser refers to as a “clarity conundrum” and what most of us call a business problem.  I know, because he has changed our business by helping us cut through the noise of distraction to really focus on ideas and practices that are essential for success in today’s constantly changing world.”

David Loving

President and General Manager, Univision Houston

“Building a purpose means first getting crystal clear on the foundation of your business. It sounds easy but it can elude many, restricting growth and potential. Brad masterfully guides leaders to understand who they are at their core so they can set a course for where they’re going.”

Carol Cone

Founder of The Purpose Collaborative and Cone, Inc.

“Leading Clarity is an incredible resource for anyone wanting to lead a team or an organization. Entrepreneurship is messy. The men and women drawn to this life are also messy. They tend to be driven, relentlessly curious, optimistic, and fueled with boundless energy. Leading Clarity gives every leader access to a whole new template from which to activate their vision and lead.”

Dave Cook

Director, Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Houston

“I am a true disciple of the principles in Leading Clarity.  Brad’s distinctive ability to distill the most complex, forward-thinking business concepts has changed how I lead.  His coaching and insight have helped so many change their business and life.”

 Jason Siegel

Managing Director, Head of Alternative Investments, Brookfield Asset Management

“Leaders now face unprecedented challenge and opportunity. Strategy is not enough.  Leading Clarity offers leaders a practical and visionary approach to leading through a landscape of change, chaos, and uncertainty by harnessing and aligning the full potential of their employees. Deutser offers a blueprint for connected engagement at every level of an organization.”

Lee E. Miller

Author of A Woman’s Guide to Successful Negotiating

“For all the idea monkeys out there, especially me, this is going to become your new go-to handbook! –Leading Clarity spotlights how distraction can become the Achilles heel of a company. I heard myself saying “Why haven’t I thought about that?” while reading. This book is what every leader and visionary needs to read so they don’t end up on the completely wrong track.”

Mareya Ibrahim

Founder and CEO, Grow Green Industries

“Deutser masterfully explores the dynamic interconnectedness that creates organizational clarity.  This wonderful book offers leaders at every level practical exercises for accessing and amplifying the power of people to yield greater results.”

Neil Bush

Chairman, Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation and Chairman, Points of Light

“Each chapter in this innovative book unfolds to reveal a fresh understanding of the many factors that come together to create a dynamic whole.  Deutser delivers a process that simply is brilliant, illustrated by compelling stories and examples from the broad expanse of his experience.”

Jeff DeGraff

Innovation expert, bestselling author, Professor of Management Education, University of Michigan Ross School of Business

“Brad Deutser’s Leading Clarity informs so much more than perspective, it creates a framework for leaders to execute at their highest level. Leading Clarity provides answers to the relevant questions that many leaders have yet to ask.”

Todd Durkin

Internationally recognized strength, speed and conditioning coach, personal trainer, body worker, motivational speaker, and author

About Brad Deutser

Brad Deutser is the founder and CEO of Deutser, an award-winning management consulting firm that works with leaders to create great companies inside and out — in times of transition, growth and crisis. Brad is a leading business consultant, creative strategist, executive coach, and trusted counselor to CEOs, Board Chairs and top corporate management for high-profile organizations – including numerous Fortune 100 companies and leading nonprofits.

He works closely with leaders to help them build great companies inside and out, especially during times of transition and crisis through his unique approach to organizational clarity. Brad is a frequent speaker on achieving clarity, leveraging culture, building sustainable brands from the inside, and managing crisis for advantage. He is active in the nonprofit community, as evidenced by his firm’s recognition from National Philanthropy Day, and serves in leadership and board chair capacities for many organizations including Young Presidents Organization.