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5 Exercises to Foster Positive Attitudes

5 Exercises to Foster Positive Attitudes

Positive attitudes and increased motivation have everything to do with the leaders and the individuals across the company. They also have a lot to do with the culture, and a clear organizational identity that embraces and values positivity. Leaders must outwardly embrace the fact that positivity is not a mindset, but a powerful way to lead. It is one of the great catalysts for growth and profitability, and a key driver for health of the people and the organization.

Many people think about positivity as simply being happy. But our research has identified and defined the 5 key elements of positivity:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Mindfulness
  3. Happiness
  4. Optimism
  5. Gratitude

Each of these individually as well as collectively are important for how we lead, interact and define all that is possible. They are part of our daily work with leaders and people in transition. There are exercises for each of these five elements of positivity. And, there are measurement tools to evaluate the success and progress with each – we call it the Positivity Quotient.

When we understand the definition of positivity and set the expectation around it for our workforce and those around us, we are able to more actively embed it in our daily actions and interactions. In addition to my leadership, I am purposeful in designing and creating intentional environments and spaces which are more conducive to positivity. I have always believed in the importance of injecting positivity into the spaces in which people live and work.

Positivity requires leaders to be open, honest and vulnerable. And, it requires a level of intentionality and practice.

Here are a 5 of my favorite (and there are too many to count) exercises on positivity:

  1. Purposeful Positivity: This is one of the most important exercises of my week. It is where I identify things to let go of, to carry forward and to express gratitude for me and for everything around me.
  2. Circuit Breakers: Energy is a huge part of each of us. Yet, there are things that impede our energy, which we call Circuit Breakers. There are 13 Circuit Breakers that are important to evaluate and consider their daily and weekly impact on us as individuals as well as the teams in which we work..
  3. Huemanize MindMaps™: We have developed a unique system and product to help norm the brain around conversations and meetings by labeling meetings with color. By “hue”manizing the meeting with color, participants are able to share a similar mindset to facilitate the conversation. There are individual exercises for each color and mind maps to help get you into the color and the mood. My favorite is “Positively Pink” for the fun-get-it-done meetings.
  4. Morning exercises: Since positivity starts with the leader, there are exercises that he/she can do every day to get their mind right and to protect their energy. These morning exercises are simple, personal and set the intention for the day.
  5. “Great Full”: This is a daily exercise we use to identify great work we witness, create or are a part of. It is important to reinforce the greatness around us – and that starts by recognizing it. I am amazed when I read my team’s daily “Great Full” responses at what they see in not only themselves, but the people around them.

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