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Deutser Clarity Institute Launches Imaginative New Leadership Concept with Groundbreaking Research Findings

Deutser Clarity Institute Launches Imaginative New Leadership Concept with Groundbreaking Research Findings

“It’s like Wonka land for business”

Deutser LLC, the leading national consultancy focused on clarity and performance, launches a revolutionary work environment, learning lab and think tank, known as The Deutser Clarity Institute.

Houston, Texas, May 1, 2019 — Deutser LLC, a leading national consultancy headquartered in Houston, Texas, announces the opening of its first highly innovative and engaging clarity institute. The Institute is a think tank, idea accelerator and learning lab led by a multidisciplinary team of organizational psychologists, PhD’s, coaches, publishing experts, and disciplined creative talent. The Institute’s thinking, research, and relevancy will be supported by a unique Fellow program comprised of recognized academicians from leading academic institutions, business leaders, professional athletes, as well as experts in health, sciences and the arts. The Institute’s curriculum, tools, and techniques provide the latest science translated into immersive teachings that help leaders, teams, and individuals navigate the chaos of transition and change. The Institute’s ongoing research will contribute important new findings on the science of performance.

“The Deutser Clarity Institute has captured the imagination of leaders across the country,” explained Brad Deutser, CEO of Deutser Clarity Institute. “Even with the available science on environmental design and leadership learning, we took a chance and pushed creativity and innovation to the farthest reaches to develop a fundamentally different space, way of learning and learning curriculum. We are also producing game-changing research which will influence how leaders drive engagement.”

The Institute is defined by its highly individualized science + arts approach to learning, which its leaders refer to as “creative learning immersion,” and its active learning focus which is uniquely activated through a one-of-a-kind design of space. The Institute, referred to as “Wonkaland for business”, “the most imaginative space anywhere”, and “walking through life-size pages of Leading Clarity”, is a wondrously imaginative space that is intentionally designed to overstimulate leaders to remove them from the chaos of their current state and move them to a safe space for personal exploration. The Deutser Clarity Institute, with its first location in Houston, strategically leverages space, incorporates creativity and eliminates technology to disrupt the brain and enable enough dislocation from current realities to allow a greater capacity for free thinking and creative exploration.

Designing the Unforgettable Learning Experience

Every inch of Deutser Clarity Institute is engineered to create an exceptional immersive learning experience featuring a  6 x 6’ glass Clarity Performance Index, a 10’x10’ energy obstruction grid, 15 magic spinning cubes (games on two sides, whiteboard on one side and clarity exercise on one side of each cube),  a “higher thinking” leadership game/journey on the ceiling, a mirrored reflection room with exercises on each mirror and window pane, the brain labyrinth, positivity beam and “leadership weave” which is a live research project on leadership competencies by industry. Every element of the design is purposeful and incorporated into the unique learning curriculum.

Deutser is taking the science of environmental design to a fundamentally different level, amplifying though interactive space and exercises how leaders more fully engage and learn. Our highly tactile exercises elevate individual learning and retention. Learning tools include sorting card decks, using creative learning maps, drawing, painting, mode development with magnets and stickers, as well as colorful markers and multi-sized sticky notes, all to facilitate a new pathway through some of the most critical and challenging leadership issues of modern business.

Important Research Released

With its launch, the Deutser Clarity Institute is releasing its’ first research findings, a study and corresponding white paper on the science of employee engagement. The study, of more than 13,500 employees, focuses on 13 areas that directly correlate to overall performance in high functioning organizations. This research conclusively shows that 3 of the 13 areas studied have a direct and positive impact on a company’s employee Net Promoter Score, an important score used by companies to determine employee engagement. The 3 areas found to be statistically significant are: vision + values, leadership, and team capability. The research identifies these three areas as having the biggest impact on converting employees who are passive promoters into active promoters of a company. For more detailed information on the study, contact Peter Morelli.

An important part of Deutser Clarity Institute is a commitment to ongoing research, to be published as results emerge. The next research focus is on the role of “the positivity quotient” in driving individual, team and organizational performance.

Experience the Magic of Deutser Clarity Institute

Members of the media are invited to tour Deutser Clarity Institute in Houston. Meet Brad Deutser personally and see for yourself how Deutser is pioneering an innovative and radically new approach to leadership development, through groundbreaking workspace design and highly experiential learning techniques.

Tap Into Your Individual and Organizational Clarity

This is leadership and organizational learning fundamentally rethought. Deutser Clarity Institute marries science with play in a uniquely immersive and interactive way that is designed to spur individuals, leaders, and teams toward the best version of themselves.

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