Happy YOU Year

Make this year your YOU year. To be a successful leader in today’s climate you need a framework that will allow you to focus, reflect and set your trajectory in the right direction. With my Happy You Year workbook, you’ll learn how to set daily goals that are both achievable and will keep you on the right trajectory. The best part is, the entire workbook takes just 12 minutes per day. It’s a guidebook you can use again and again as your needs and priorities change. 

About Brad

BRAD DEUTSER is founder and CEO of Deutser, an award-winning management consulting firm, and the Deutser Clarity Institute, a think tank, idea accelerator, and innovative learning center. 

Deutser has transformed many prominent educational, healthcare, energy, industrial services, professional services, private equity, retail, and cause-based organizations through his unique perspective on organizational clarity. 

He is a leading business consultant, creative strategist, executive coach, and trusted counselor to top corporate leaders working to build great companies inside and out, especially during the turbulence of transition.

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